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One Piece - Volume 60 by Dragon6125
One Piece - Volume 60
Volume 60 has always been my favorite and I decided that I wanted to draw a representation of it, So here it is. Tried out a new coloring style that i am definitely a huge fan of and plan to use for the foreseeable future now. Enjoy!
ASL Brothers by Dragon6125
ASL Brothers
I did a sketch of the ASL brothers forever ago. it’s an adult version of that scene from the flashback where they’re wearing the clothes they imagined themselves in as pirate captains. Was going to just post the sketch last night, but the photo quality was shit and there were a lot of things i wanted to change. then I though… why not color it? and have spent the last 16 hours doing just that. 

X Drake by Dragon6125
X Drake
My other favorite Supernova! This one got a little fuzzy in transition. After i adjusted the lighting and tone of the picture, I decided I would go in and digitally go over my lines and make them a bit sharper.
Law Doodles by Dragon6125
Law Doodles
When i said that Law tends to show up in my doodles when i can’t sleep i wasn’t kidding. A particularly sleepless night brought this page out of my sketch book to life with a lot of Punk Hazard Law. I usually draw pre-timeskip law since that’s what I cosplay, but Punk Hazard was a welcome change.
Link and Hylia - Color by Dragon6125
Link and Hylia - Color
Sketched version available here:…

This is a sketch of the First Link and the Goddess Hylia. I have zero real experience in drawing females, so once i finished Link and moved onto Hylia I ran into a LOT of difficulty. Too much hair. Why do girls have to have so much hair. and that dress. Too much flowiness. Anyone else feel my pain? So i did my best. in the end. all the erasing i had to do make the paper a little messy, but she turned out a heck of a lot better than i expected. But overall i'm pretty satisfied. If only i could have drawn Hylia better... but it's the best i can do right now.

as for the image. This was inspired by the official origins Comic for the Legend of Zelda. Here we see Link bleeding to death on the surface after sending what is later known as Skyloft into the Sky. In the comic he dies alone. But i myself fancied a scene where Hylia made it back from imprisoning Demise fast enough to actually see him off in his final moments before deciding that he should be reborn everytime the world in in danger and that she would shed her immortal skin and become a simple human by the name of Zelda and be reborn along side him so that they can be together. Granted. Skyward Sword is the only Zelda game that i know of where they actually get this privilege and then gain another rebirthing companion to ruin everything: Ganon.

Well. Enjoy!
I recently obtained a laptop woo! And I'm one step closer to college. Only 3 1/2 weeks left. Wow.
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